Sunday, August 28, 2016

Lessons from 8,422 Miles Away - Sam Sherratt

I learn from so many educators on Twitter each day. I am currently "following" 4,625 of them. Some, however, I've latched on to because it seems as if EVERY DAY I'm learning something new, or I'm reminded of what I need to focus on, or I'm challenged by a question posed.

Sam Sherratt is one of those educators.
On my TweetDeck, he even has his OWN column. (He didn't know that before this post came out!) Here's the thing - It's like I have a mentor on my screen every morning. Here's what I saw first this morning. It caught my attention because he normally doesn't tweet his own thoughts many times in a row:

I found myself nodding my head, and feeling good about the track I'm on in my career.

I then saw a couple he retweeted that after reading, I, too retweeted:

It's as if he's already gone through his feed and culled it for the blog posts I need to read with my breakfast. Much as a mentor would do. I aspire to tweet such gems as he does each day! He is one of those educators who (currently) uses Twitter for professional sharing - I don't recall seeing tweets about his food or fun. I don't know much about the man (except from blog posts), but I do know he is passionate about making schools truly work for children.

If that's not enough - Sam blogs. His blog posts are from the heart, reflective, and many times present challenges for us to consider. His retweets from educators at his own school show us HOW to take on many of those challenges. So he not only poses the questions, but shares - in 140 characters or less - how teachers can begin tackling those questions.

I am so grateful for Sam for sharing his learning, the learning of others, and small bits of his day that can help guide other educators. I am so grateful I can learn from him, even being 8,422 miles away.