Monday, July 13, 2015

Imagination and a Sense of Humor

My Mom came here as a LEGAL immigrant (from Italy) after waiting 13 years, (for a sponsor and honoring the United States laws). She only went to the 8th grade and yet she amassed so much - in love, in family, in friends, and financially. She took care of us and gave us everything we ever wanted!

My 88-year-old Mom Fernanda is a resident at Little Sisters of the Poor in San Pedro, CA. where I visit her everyday at 4:00. This morning I called her and when she didn’t answer, I left her a message to call me back. When she finally returned my call, she explained that she didn’t pick up the phone because she was at ‘gymnastics’.

This is another thing I love about my Mother - her imagination and sense of humor: It was a senior fitness class, but she calls it ‘gymnastics’. I’m envisioning tumbling, trampoline, pummel board, etc. I’m going to thank her in person later today when I go visit. 

Oh wait, today is Monday. 

She has her pole-vaulting class at 4:00...

Lovingly submitted by Justin Ezzi

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