Saturday, November 21, 2015

My Rock - Bob Kirr

He is my #1 Fan...    (Well, he may be tied with my mom...!)

My husband, Bob Kirr...

When it comes to my teaching career, he is my biggest support. I won't go into the rest of our life together, as it would take a ton more than just one post, so this one is all about how appreciative I am of Bob's support of me as a teacher.

Here is the physical proof of what Bob has done for my students IN the classroom:
 I chose the fabric, and Bob did the rest...

I bought the books, and Bob gave me a place to put them... (Over a bulletin board...)

I wanted to find a way to display certain books, and Bob made me a way...

I wanted to get the headsets out of the box, and Bob made me a rack...

I found an idea on Pinterest for whisper phones, and Bob glued them all together for us...

Behind all the fun supplies he supplies (hah!), he also holds me up mentally. Some instances of when he's helped me become a better teacher (ahem - a better PERSON)...

When a parent called Genius Hour "crazy," and said, "You should do more P.R.," he let me cry. When I was finished, he asked, "What are you going to do now?" My answer? Create the LiveBinder.

When (recently) another teacher called a meeting with me and the principal over something I had said, Bob let me know, "You did nothing wrong." When it was over, he asked, "What have you learned?" He helps me reflect - EVERY SINGLE DAY.

When I want to try something new, he's the one who challenges with one word - WHY?

When I'm on the laptop too long, he comes by and shuts it on my fingers.

When I get a wonderful letter from a parent, he's the only one with whom I can share it.

When I feel knocked down because other teachers and I do not agree, he calms me and reminds me that I used to believe differently, too. He also reminds me that I don't need to change the world - I'm doing a lot with the kiddos I have.

When I have the BEST DAY EVER, he's the one I run to so I can share my stories of the BEST KIDS EVER.

And, of course, after a difficult week, he's the first one who helps me celebrate the weekend...!
He is my love, my life, and my rock, even when he helps me feel as if I can fly...

With all the respect I can muster... Joy Lynn

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