Monday, January 13, 2014

My Miss King

 Her name was Ms. King. She was a tall sort of a willowy lady with brown wavy hair and I just so happened to adored her. She was my first grade teacher at a small private school I attended while my daddy went to PSU. Her eyes twinkled and her warmth was genuine. Her words were that of encouragement as we learned. She sat by the piano and sang. I still have the song book she made. She showed us grace and kindness by praying for us & sharing in our joys. Even though we did have a chapel time, she always extended that to how she taught in the classroom, as it should be.

     When I close my eyes, I am still in first grade. So many favorite memories from that '78-'79 school year flood my mind! The friendships I had like with Carolene, Eric and Kelly, my very lovely Holly Hobbie lunch box and the fact that I had no teeth in front. However, the one I love the most is when we were allowed to stay overnight at the house Miss King shared with her mom in State College. I recall the books she read, the ice cream treats at Meyer's Dairy and the breakfast she made of pancakes. She had a sofa chair that turned into a bed. I thought it was magical.

     I have a photo of myself at her house. A snap shot of innocence. I love that photo so much. It reminds me of my goal. My goal in life is simple, love God, love people and serve the world, and Ms. King did just that. She still continues serving the Lord working at Walter Reed Medical Center by bringing cheer with puppets to the patients there. We were her last class. She would forthrightly tell you that we were her favorite class.
Me at Miss King's House!

My eyes were upon her all the way. From her example and from the example of my parents who were educators, I knew that the desire of my heart since I was three was right on track. I wanted to teach. I would teach my stuffed animals and dolls. I would later play school at the house with friends, willing or unwilling. There was no other profession that I wanted.

So my dear Miss King,  I love you. I appreciate you. Thank you for speaking into my life and for continuing to be in my life. I celebrate how you bring light and joy to others serving at Walter Reed Medical Center with puppetry, drama, storytelling and arts integration for those who are in need of someone to  tell them that they matter. 

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  1. Kimberly, thank you for kicking off this blog with an amazing post! Isn't it amazing how one teacher's efforts can have a lasting impact on your life. I know that you have made Miss King proud as you have followed in her footsteps!