Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Right Post at the Right Time

“It’s not easy to get excited about every experience we have as parents or as educators. However, our excitement (while arguably important) is not always as important as our children’s and/or our students. When we find moments that learners are enthusiastic about, we should work hard to capture and build upon them.” These words written by Seth Berg over the Christmas Break hit me just when I needed them. They are from his inspirational piece titled “Being A Toddler Stand-Up.”  

I read his piece during a stretch in which I had spent a lot of time blogging and Tweeting. Too much time! Seth’s post inspired me to recenter and spend more time with my kids. It helped to remind me what was most important in life. Family. Heck, the majority of my posts are about my kids and yet I was not spending enough time with them.

So later that evening I decided to devote the next morning to having fun and, as Seth would put it, trying to be a Toddler Stand-Up. We got every blanket and pillow we had in the house and piled them at the bottom of the stairs. We then spent the next hour jumping into our new creation, or fort, as my two-year old likes to call it. It was a blast! The fun and excitement we had was incredible. The looks on my son and daughter’s faces when they were midair were priceless. But, I think they got more enjoyment from watching their 43 year-old dad fly through the air into a pile of blankets like some out of work circus performer.
From Seth's Twitter Profile
I have never met Seth, and only I know of him what I read from his blog posts and his tweets. But, I won’t forget the day that Seth’s inspirational post helped me to recenter and become a better Toddler Stand-Up.

Thank you Seth and thank you Joy for inspiring me to write this piece.
~Jon Harper

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  1. Great post Jon! Seth was one of the first people I started following on Twitter and I'm very lucky to have found his powerful blog early on. Thank you for taking time to show your appreciation for Seth! I am thankful to have both of you in my PLN!