Thursday, January 23, 2014

Twitter talks turned real life inspiration - Thank you Dr. Michael Curran

Shortly after I became deeply steeped in the Twitter culture, I had the pleasure of “meeting” Michael Curran (@Mgcjusa) who agreed to talk with me to research for the book I was writing.

Since he is a professor of education at Rider University, he was particularly well-suited to share thoughts about the various myths associated with early career education and even offer solutions to set myths.

Quickly after a few rounds of direct messaging, we had our first Wednesday morning conversation. I didn’t know then that these conversations would become a ritual in my weekly routine, but Michael’s willingness to share his time and expertise with me, a stranger, was amazing. His sacrifice of time and energy is something I am always grateful for.

The first few conversations ran like interviews. I asked him questions, he answered them, sent me materials about his program and told me about his classes and students. Thoroughly intrigued by his commitment to the evolving nature of education, our conversations began to lengthen and not always stay on my research.

The program Michael told me about was what I wished I had when I started teaching. Thought provoking, engaging, technologically savvy - I wondered if his students and advisees truly appreciated how good they have it.

Over the last year, Michael and I have continued our conversations and hope to meet in person sometime very soon. Now, I’d consider him not just a mentor and colleague but a friend. Michael is the kind of person every teacher should come in contact with in his/her career - so selflessly giving of his time and expertise. Our talks have make me a more thoughtful educator.

Endlessly supportive and caring, Michael has become a welcomed sounding board for ideas and frustrations and validator of my work. He builds me up in ways that all leaders should and I’m so grateful for the friendship that grew out research.  

Thanks Michael. I really appreciate you and all the excellent work you do.

This gratitude attitude shared by Starr Sackstein @MsSackstein.


  1. Great post Starr! Thank you so much for sharing your appreciation of how Michael has impacted your life. We appreciate your contribution to this blog!

    1. Thanks Arin. Sorry I never saw this comment. Michael really has had an incredible impact on my life and we have become really good friends. Very blessed.